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Can I have an initial session to see if we are the right fit?

I suggest we have an initial free  10 min phone conversation to get to know each other and explore what has brought you to consider counselling. Sometimes people decide from this they would like a one off appointment to talk more and gauge if the I am the right counsellor for them. I am happy to do this and this would be charged at £50.

Can we meet fortnightly?

 This is something we would need to discuss in the first meeting. I often suggest to people that they have a few sessions weekly so we can build up our relationship. I would need to consider each request as sometimes it may depend on whether I am able to fill the room in the week we would not be meeting. 

Are your  counselling rooms accessible?

I am sorry neither base I use is wheelchair accessible and I am currently looking at options that are. I am able to offer telephone and video call counselling as an option.

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